ep2 is celebrating its 20th anniversary

ep2 is celebrating its 20th anniversary

Dear readers,

I’m sure you noticed it as soon as you picked up this report and opened it. It is different from previous ep2 annual reports. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ep2, we not only wanted to list the annual facts and figures, but also show people and stories about ep2. We dug through the archives for old speeches and photos.

We asked former members to tell us about the beginnings. We asked current members what they appreciate about ep2. The result is this anniversary report, which fills me with great joy and pride. It reflects the passion and commitment that the people at ep2 have been showing for years.

Also in the last reporting years the work for ep2 involved a great deal of personnel and time on the part of the members of TeCo ep2, who made their specialists available to work in the association. The association would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their great and competent commitment.

Our thanks also go to Martin Osley and Simon Saado from the company eftpos Engineering for the high quality work and also Esther Werthmüller from the company boncard for the professional design of this anniversary report. A special ‘thank you’ this year goes to the many current and former members for their contributions to this anniversary report, which convey the story(s) and heartbeat of ep2 to us very impressively.

I hope you enjoy reading…

Dr. Angela Malina
President, TeCo ep2



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