ep2 End of Lifecycle

ep2 End of Lifecycle

Cashless payments are a matter of course nowadays. Like many retailers, you offer customers the option to pay by card in your shop. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

Since more than one billion card transactions are processed in Switzerland every year, it is important for payment devices to meet the required security standards. Terminals have undergone various developments in recent years to counter the risk of misuse. These developments also take into account the security requirements of the major card organizations Mastercard and Visa, which are tightened on a regular basis.

The Technical Cooperation ep2 Association (TeCo ep2, ensures that card transactions are processed uniformly and securely throughout Switzerland. All the reputed stakeholders in the Swiss card transaction business are represented in the association. In 2013 it approved directives regarding the duration of use of payment terminals in Switzerland.

Terminal products which have been on the market for more than six years no longer meet the current security requirements. These terminals can therefore only be used until 3 April 2023. After this date, it will no longer be possible for card payments to be made via these devices.

According to the information in our possession, at least one old-generation terminal is still in use in your company (subsidiary, branch). You have probably received similar information recently from your terminal supplier. Please contact your supplier directly if you have any questions about the use of your EFT/POS device. They will be happy to help you.

We advise you to change your device in good time to avoid any interruptions in the acceptance of cashless payments after 3 April 2023.

Please ignore this letter if you have recently replaced your previous payment terminal with a device authorized for use in the future.

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