ep2 Version 8.0.0 released

The association Technical Cooperation ep2 (TeCo ep2) has published the ep2 Specification Version 8.0.0. The most important features are:

  • CR 450 Transport Layer Security (TLS) (Server Authentication with additional option Mutual Authentication). With this ep2 offers the possibility for “Transport Layer Security” to protect customer and transaction data, especially on request of international merchants.
  • CR 458 switch to AES-128 and RSA-2048/3072/4096. With this security upgrade ep2 again offers long-term investment protection and furthermore CPoC, CPoC+PIN and SPoC solutions can be realized scheme- and PCI-compliant.
  • CR 460 VISA DCDB to distinguish between VISA and UPI Magstripe cards in the same BIN range.
  • CR 469 CVC2 input options extended and revised to prevent CVC2 input for VISA cards.
  • Several requirements for unattended terminals have been aligned with the main specification.
  • CR 473 ep2 Mobile Payment QRC on Terminal rework: in addition to the formats “Text” and “Binary”, the “URL” format is now also supported as well as various adjustments based on feedback from development and operation.
  • CR 477 new transaction type Payout: a payout to a card without previous debit of the card. Application: e.g. payout of winnings in casinos.
  • CR 484 new trans/submission trigger “Delay” and refinement of the coding of the existing triggers. This allows to map ep2 dual messaging better to single messaging protocols.
  • CR 485 Surcharge functionality, which allows transaction fees to be added to the transaction amount and thus passed on to the cardholder.
  • CR 492 adjustment of message number rules to prevent replay attacks during configuration and initialisation.
  • e-Commerce extensions for JCB and UPI and Merchant Action Codes.

The new major version 8.0.0 comes with significant security enhancements and launches the 6th generation of the ep2 specifications. This year the TeCo ep2 is working on version 8.1.0, that will be published in December 2022.

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