Supplementation of PostFinance Card with Debit Mastercard

Due to misleading media coverage rumours arose regarding the future acquiring strategy of PostFinance. Therefore PostFinance issued an official statement which can be summarized as follows:

PostFinance will supplement the PostFinance Card for private and business customers with Debit Mastercard starting from 2022. In the future, this combined card can also be used at points of sale abroad (at the POS and online) as well as at additional points of sale in Switzerland. This is a first measure to further increase the attractiveness and popularity of the PostFinance Card. PostFinance has set itself the goal of providing the most reliable service for merchants and billers in Switzerland to become the best partner for payment and cashing solutions.

PostFinance continues to rely on its own debit card acquiring system and is still fully committed to the Swiss ep2 standard, which offers added value to all involved parties.

The official statement of PostFinance in english can be found here

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