ep2 Version 7.3.0 released

The association Technical Cooperation ep2 (TeCo ep2) has published the ep2 Specification Version 7.3.0. The most important features & changes are:

  • The WISE Contactless Kernel specification has been integrated into the ep2 Specs
  • ASRDP (Application Selection Registered Proprietary Data) adaptation specified for the Swiss ASRPD ID =’0003′. In the 1st quarter 2020 we will revise and detail the specification for ASRPD again, therefore we recommend you to contact us before implementation on terminal and acquirer host.
  • Security Change due to PCI PIN Security Requirements V3. From June 2023 symmetrical keys must only be exchanged with a terminal using a KeyBlock. As of ep2 V.7.3.0, the “Key Derivation Binding Method – TDEA” from ASC X9 TR 31-2018 is used for key transmission of symmetric 3TDEA keys.
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for Card Present and e-Commerce finally specified. Please pay attention to the TNL’s 406 and 408.
  • Additional transaction types for unattended terminal / vending machines allowed. This enables innovative vending machine solutions:

    1. Reservation, Reservation Adjustment and Purchase Reservation
    2. Credit
    3. Load, Funding, Refunding, Unload
    4. Account Verification
    5. Activate
    6. Purchase Forced Acceptance
  • RAF changed:
    <Amount, Fee Currency Exponent> added
    <Amount, Settlement Currency Exponent> added
  • PCI compliant Surrogate PAN solution introduced for all technologies and transaction types. Note for terminal manufacturers, only the ep2 mechanism for Surrogate PAN generation is allowed to use starting from V7.
  • Deferred Payment & Debt Recovery extended by further Debt Recovery options
  • Petrol MOC several new Authorisation Results have been defined to better support the cardholder in case of wrong entry of the Addtional Info
  • PIN on Glass Pin Pads do not require a tactile on the ‘5’ even for unattended terminals.

The new version 7.3.0 consolidates all the features and extensions of versions 7.0.0 to 7.2.0 and thus offers a solid development basis. In 2020 the Teco ep2 is working on version 7.4.0

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